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At our top concern is your personal safety.  Violent crimes against women are increasing and frequently occur without warning.  And, most women who are victimized never imagined that a violent crime would happen to them.  It always happens to some other person.


According to statistics, in the next hour somewhere in the United States, women will be the victims of:

·         900 Thefts

·         189 Violent Crimes

·         124 Assaults

·         66 Robberies

·         24 Sexual Assaults

·         12 Rapes

·         2 Murders is here to provide you with the widest assortment of women’s self-defense products available today.  The products we make available are designed especially for women and their need to protect themselves from becoming a victim.  Violent crimes against women are committed in many different settings, from a surprise assault by a stranger to an unwanted advance from a friend, family member or co-worker to a date who has difficulty with your “no.”


Our mission is to continually offer a comfortable place to shop, a wide assortment of effective women’s self-defense products as well as pricing and service that keeps you coming back and recommending us to friends.


We offer mace and pepper sprays in a wide variety of unique products and formats just for women.  Similarly we offer one of the widest selections of stun-guns and Tasers specially made for women.


Please enjoy browsing  We hope you find your experience comfortable and our products empowering. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prism Holdings LLC
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