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January 2018
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The Difference Between Pepper Spray and Mace

By Pepper Spray Patty and Mandi Mace

So, you are considering pepper spray as your self defense weapon of choice and you are wondering about the difference between Mace and pepper spray. This article should clear up the difference for you.

As it turns out, pepper spray and Mace are one and in same. Mace is simply a brand name of pepper spray. In the same way that the actual brand name Kleenex is used to represent facial tissue, the brand Mace has come to represent the pepper spray industry. Originally called Chemical Mace, it was manufactured by a division of Smith & Wesson since the 1960s. Today, it is a brand of Mace Security International.

Although early formulas were actually tear gas, and therefore there was a difference between Mace and pepper spray, today formulas are pepper sprays, similar to those made by other companies. Although traditional Mace (the tear gas formulation) is still in existence, it has been banned in most Western countries.

The original formula is a very different substance from today’s pepper-spray, which uses Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), the same active ingredient that is found in many modern pepper sprays. The percentage of OC in the formula you purchase, which generally varies from 1% to 10%, has very little to do with how effective the product is.

Buying a product with a higher concentration of OC does not necessarily mean that it is a more effective self defense product than pepper sprays with lower OC concentrations. These personal security products are very effective, non-lethal weapons used by the military, law enforcement officers, and the public. Pepper spray and Mace have become the personal self defense product of choice for many, many women. As you can see here on iZAPmen.com, these products come in many different sizes, colors and shapes to fit every woman’s needs and lifestyle.

So, how does it work, you ask. Pepper Spray immediately goes to work dilating capillaries when sprayed into the eyes, nose and throat and the effects will last anywhere from 15-60 minutes and can result in temporary blindness, shortness of breath and coughing. It’s not lethal. But it will sure be the end of any attempt by an attacker to harm you.

Choosing a specific canister as a self defense weapon can be a very confusing choice, especially with so many brands and chemical formulas on the market today, not to mention different canister types. Mace is one of the most well known and highly regarded pepper spray manufacturers today. However, all pepper spray products are basically the same these days.

While there are some differences between the brands, for the most part pepper spray is widely comparable between brands. Mace sprays may also include additional features over regular pepper spray, such as tear gas ingredients for added effect, or the use of gel or foam carriers rather than liquid carriers like regular pepper spray. This gives the canister a longer firing range so that you can remain a longer distance away from your attacker.
Like other formulations, Mace pepper spray is available in many different-sized canisters. It can also be found in the form of a Mace personal alarm or even a Mace pepper spray gun for accurate delivery.

We hope you found this information helpful.

Click HERE now to go shopping on iZAPmen.com for pepper spray, Mace, stun guns, Tasers and other personal self defense products.

Domestic Violence – Don’t Be a Victim, Be Prepared



By Tammy Taser

Let’s face it ladies, every 15 seconds a woman is beaten in this country by her husband, partner, or her boyfriend. The statistics of domestic violence will make your heart skip a beat, and this crime is not going away anytime soon. The psychology of this crime is deep and morbid, something a lot of us cannot comprehend and for others it is, and has been a way of life. Woman’s groups throughout the world have brought this dire topic into the limelight in the last 30 years or so but they have only begun to scratch the surface. We have come a long way just to recognize the seriousness of this problem and in establishing outlets for assistance. There is so much more to be accomplished.

Women first and foremost have to understand they are in fact in an abusive relationship and they are NOT to blame. No matter how they try to change their actions to improve a situation it will not help, their abuser will likely only find fault in the new and supposedly improved efforts. It is their insecurities or learned behavior which is the root of the problem not yours.

There are many facts about domestic violence, and abusive behavior, along with a lot of myths associated with these facts available today. These reports should be noted and read for everyone’s knowledge, because even if you’re not being abused 74% of Americans personally know someone who is being abused or who has been in the past. We all can be part of a solution, by being knowledgeable.

Women account for over 85% of the victims of domestic violence, while it only happens to men about 15% of the time. Women of all races are affected but lower income brackets are at a 3 times higher risk. When the police are called to the scene one in ten times a child is present and has witnessed the violence. This leads to the fact that 30-60% of the children are also being abused by the perpetrator. Urban areas have the highest percentage of violence, compared to rural and suburban areas. Leaving an abuser DOES NOT end the abuse, nearly 70% of the victims are injured again after separating.

Where is all of this information leading? Women need to be proactive when it comes to their own safety and the safety of their children. Women should consider buying a Taser gun, or some other non-lethal self defense items, for their protection and safety. Not just women who are in immediate danger but every woman should have some form of non-lethal self defense. There are no guarantees in life. Where you are right now in your life can change in an instant, not only in your relationship but happenings or events in your everyday life. Your trip to the gym or grocery store could become life threatening.  Are you prepared?

Owning a Taser gun saves lives every day, without the repercussions of shooting a gun.  The Taser gives you effective, powerful protection without the hesitation which occurs frequently when it comes to firing a pistol. The emotional stress of an event is hard enough without dealing with law enforcement should you inadvertently kill the abuser.  The Taser gun is easy to carry and conceal adding a surprise element to its effectiveness.  Do yourself and your family a favor and buy a Taser gun or some other non-lethal self defense product for your assurance.  Here at iZAPmen.com we hope that none of our customers ever has to actually use our products in a situation – but we know that from time to time it certainly does happen.

Halloween Safety Tips for College Women




By Suzy Stun Gun

Halloween is always a blast when you are in college. There are costumes, parties and plenty of mayhem.  However, in today’s world not every scream is from an innocent trick or innocent fright. There are those who use this opportunity to prey on their victims.

Here are some Halloween safety tips for you college girls: 

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe at any point during Halloween go with that feeling
  • Avoid being alone or isolated with a monster you don’t know well. Let a trusted friend know where you are and whom you are with.
  • If you’re running from the monster, expect to trip or fall down at least twice, more if you are of the female persuasion. Also note that, despite the fact that you are running and the monster is merely shambling along, it’s still moving fast enough to catch up with you.
  • When you have the benefit of numbers, NEVER pair off and go alone .. you may never come back
  • Do not search the basement, especially if the power has gone out.
  • If appliances start operating by themselves, do not check for short circuits. Again, get out.
  • Always carry emergency cash and keep phone numbers for local cab companies handy.
  • Form a buddy system with close friends and agree on a secret diversion signal for uncomfortable situations, such as “Boo!!”
  • Don’t accept “witches brew” from people you don’t know or trust and never leave your “witches brew” unattended. If you lose sight of your “witches brew,” get a new one.

Here are some facts every parent of a college age woman should know.

  • At least 1 in 4 college women will be the victim of a sexual assault during her academic career.
  • At least 80% of all sexual assaults are committed by an acquaintance of the victim.
  • 48.8% of college women who were victims of attacks that meet the  definition of rape did not consider what happened to them rape.
  • More than 70% of rape victims knew their attackers, compared to about half of all violent crime victims.
  • One out of eight women will be raped while in college.
  • 57% of rapes occur on a date.
  • 75% of male students and 55% of female students involved in date rape had been drinking or using drugs.
  • The physical and psychological effects of sexual assault can be devastating, and college students who are sexually assaulted may face impediments to academic and personal success.

These are the reported figures. There is much data suggesting that most rapes go unreported. One study showed that only 5 % of victims of rape or attempted rape report it to college police.  EVERY adult female is a potential target of these assailants. Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted, and someone is raped every 6 minutes. Most sexual assaults can be avoided

Be Prepared

I doubt you will have a proton pack to catch ghost, but you should always carry some non-lethal self-defense weapons. A stun gun, Taser, pepper spray, mace or some other non-lethal self-defense product like a a telescopic stun baton are good examples. Each, if used, will afford you enough time to escape and get help.

These tips can help you prevent an assault on yourself or any woman you know. Used wisely they may save a life-maybe yours. However, nothing beats common sense.

 Personal protection is about learning to decrease your risks and increase your options if assaulted.  Learning to defend yourself from other people can also be achieved with extensive training with qualified instructors. However in most cases it’s just you and them, and you can take steps to have the advantage. Your life and health are your most important possessions, so learning to avoid situations that put your safety at risk is the first goal. Your best natural weapon is your brain, and your best defense is to exercise good crime prevention strategies.

Nobody can tell you how to defend yourself in every situation. Each person must evaluate his or her own abilities, and size up the situation based on the level of danger to themselves or a loved one.

Here at iZAPmen.com we hope you have a super safe, super fun Halloween on campus.

Back to School: Campus Safety Tips

Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

By Pepper Spray Patty


This is Pepper Spray Patty with some Back-To School safety tips.  Please remember that while assault or rape by an attacker is never the victim’s fault, there are a few things students should keep in mind. 

While out on a date
The unfortunate statistic is that 90 percent of rapes occur between people who already knew each other and that approximately half of rapes happen on dates. This is commonly known as “date rape” or “acquaintance rape.”

While sexual assault and rape by an attacker is never the victim’s fault, there are a few things women can bear in mind:

  • Take your time in getting to know your companion or “date.” Don’t spend time alone with someone who makes her feel uneasy or uncomfortable. This means following your instincts and removing herself from situations that you don’t feel good about.
  • Stay with a group of people. Avoid risky areas, such as deserted areas.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol. According to the Journal of Studies on Alcohol, more than 70,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 have been victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape.
  • Be alert for possible use of “date rape drugs” such as Rohypnol, which is illegal in the United States. Someone can slip it into a drink. It causes drowsiness, a loss of coordination, dizziness and memory loss. Never take drinks from other people and don’t leave your drink unattended.
  • Tell someone you trust your date’s name, destination and planned time of return.
  • Take money for a phone call and taxi fare with you.

More campus safety tips: While walking around campus

  • Survey the campus after dark to see that buildings, walkways, quadrangles and parking lots are adequately secured, lighted and patrolled.
  • Avoid walking alone if possible.
  • Walk with an air of confidence and stay alert.
  • Walk in lighted areas.
  • Keep your hand free, not overloaded.
  • Have your keys ready.
  • If you are being followed: cross the street, scream, run to an occupied residence or store, or flag down a car.

At dorm rooms

  • Doors and windows to your residence hall should be equipped with quality locks.
  •  Room doors should have peepholes and deadbolts.
  • Do not loan out your key. Never compromise your safety for a roommate or friend who wants the door left unlocked. Replace locks when a key is lost or stolen.
  • Use caution admitting strangers.
  • Have good lighting around entrances.
  • If you are a woman and live alone or with other women, use only your first initials on your mailbox and, when possible, in phone directories.
  • Report suspicious activity to campus police—or to the police if you live off-campus.

While in your car

  • Keep windows up and doors locked.
  • Park in well-lighted areas and travel on populated, well-lighted streets.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers.
  • If you have car trouble, signal for help by raising the hood or tying a white handkerchief to the door handle.

Non-Lethal Personal Self defense Products

  • Consider a Taser or Stun Gun.  There are many here at iZAPmen.com designed specifically for the personal safety needs of women just like you.
  • Consider Mace or Pepper Spray.  iZAPmen.com has one of the largest selections anywhere with the best prices, I make sure of it.  All are designed just for the needs of women.  Take a look at our selection.
  • Personal Alarms and Campus Safety Kits are also great ideas for women on campus.  Here again, iZAPmen.com is a leader with a truly excellent selection and great prices.

Here’s wishing you all a safe and successful fall semester.

The Ultimate Taser for Women

By Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

Women are always looking for better ways to help protect themselves. In this day and time, with the rapid rise in crime, she would be unintelligent to do otherwise.

Years ago, the products made for women to carry for protection were often bulky and hard to hide. Women used such things as pepper spray, Mace, whistles and even Tasers. However, when these items first came out, they weren’t compact in size so it was difficult for women to have a bit of protection when needed. After all, you can’t go around carrying a weapon out in the open. That would be just the ticket the bad guys needed so that they could jump you and try to take it away from you. We’ve all seen reports of police officers having their weapons taken away from them by criminals; what’s to stop them from doing the same to a woman?

Thankfully, times have changed and now there is a new version of the Taser that is inexpensive and compact. Keep in mind that there are a few places where Tasers are illegal to carry. We have a complete list of Taser Restictions right here on iZAPmen.com.  For the fortunate places where people are allowed to carry them, women now have a great little tool for their personal protection. This little tool packs quite a punch and it is called the Taser C2. This is made by the ever popular Taser International.

It is a known fact that men can be stronger and more dominating than women, so it is only natural for a woman to want to protect herself. This Taser is tiny enough to fit into a woman’s purse and will slip into her pocket. It can even be color coordinated as an accessory as it comes in many different colors such as silver, black, blue and even pink. Taser International stated that their number one consumer is women.

The Taser C2 will put a small dent in your budget, but for the punch it packs, it is well worth it. After all, your life and personal safety is worth more than a few dollars, isn’t it? The C2 has the same 50,000 volts just like the Tasers that the police carry. Even though women are the top consumer for this product, it is still bought by men as well. After all, everyone needs protection. Some people even go through training on how to use one just to be sure that they’re doing it properly and not causing unwanted harm to someone. By simply pressing a button, this Taser fires two probes into your target. These probes look like barbs and their job is to make contact with a person in order to make a circuit. If you were to test this on a foil target, you could actually see how much power the 50,000 volts carries. This type of shock from a Taser can last for up to 30 seconds, which gives you a good chance to get away.

If you happen to miss your target, you still have the opportunity to walk up and shock them at close range with the same intensity. It comes equipped with a flashlight as well, so you can see what you’re doing in the dark. It is truly something that no woman wants to be without.

No man either, if he’s smart.

One in Every Six Women Is Assaulted In Her Lifetime – The Benefits of Mace Pepper Spray

Mandi Mace

Mandi Mace

by Mandi Mace

One in every six women is sexually assaulted in her lifetime–that’s 17% of the female population. According to the CDC, in this past year alone, 300,000 women reported having been raped, and it is estimated that those reports represent less than 40% of actual rapes. The bottom line is: You need to protect yourself. Mace pepper sprays are an excellent means of self-defense.

Mace brand pepper sprays come in a variety of concentrations and sizes. All Mace pepper sprays contain a particular concentration of OC, an element of cayenne pepper reduced to Oleoresin Capsicum, which inflames the mucous membranes upon contact, causing temporary blindness and labored breathing. It is not lethal, but can be a highly effective deterrent to attackers for 15 to 60 minutes. Some Mace brand pepper sprays contain irritants, such as tear gas, in addition to OC.

Irritants may not be as effective as OC at causing temporary injury to those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but are still extremely powerful. Other Mace brand sprays also contain a UV marking dye that will appear on your assailant’s clothing or vehicle and can be useful in apprehending him or her later. Along with common sense, Mace is an invaluable addition to your personal protection plan.

The best way to use your Mace pepper spray in a situation is carefully. Hopefully, you will never need to use it, but if you feel threatened, you should keep these things in mind:

1.  You are certain that your life is being threatened

2.  Spray and move–as soon as you spray your attacker, move away

3.  Always stand upwind from your Mace spray

Remember to call 9-1-1 and/or the police to report the assault or attempted assault–reporting crime can save lives, including your own.

It is illegal to use Mace sprays as a prank or to intentionally harm someone who is not hurting you. Some states have restrictions on Mace sprays and OC pepper sprays, so you should always check with your local law enforcement agency before purchasing any Mace brand products. Here at www.iZAPmen.com we have an extensive section detailing state and local restrictions on Mace and pepper sprays.  You should also be aware that Mace expires, and should be regularly tested for spray function. Some helpful tips to keep in mind before and after purchasing Mace include:

*  Check with local law enforcement regarding Mace restrictions

*  Test your Mace every 90 days to ensure spray function is fine

*  Replace your Mace yearly to ensure its effectiveness & potency

Mace brand pepper sprays are extremely effective at impairing vision and breathing, and come in a broad range of sizes, styles, and concentrations. Some Mace pepper sprays come with belt clips, Velcro attachments, or key rings so that they stay close to your person when you are out and about. If you jog, work outdoors, walk your college campus, or do any activity outside your home that puts you at risk for a potential assault, Mace brand spray is a convenient means of personal protection.

They’re Here! The NEW Taser C2 Basic, Gold and Platinum Packages!!


Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

By Tammy Taser

Great news, ladies!  The long awaited Taser C2 Packages have finally arrived.  When Taser introduced the C2 I was an immediate fan.  The C2 is simply perfect in so many ways as it is designed specifically with women’s self-defense needs in mind.  It utilizes the very same technology as the models that Taser sells to law enforcement officials.  As a result, these cute little Tasers offer incredible take down power and unparalleled protection right in the palm of your lady-like hand.

So, why am I so excited about the new packages?  Simple.  They bundle all the things you’ll need.  This saves you ordering multiple items and – even better ladies – it saves you money!  The folks at Taser were really thinking about us when they decided to put these C2 packages together.

Let’s talk about the packages.  There are three packages available.  The Basic Package, The Gold Package and The Platinum Package.  Each package is loaded with even more goodies you’ll need than the next – and even more savings!

The Basic Package

The Taser C2 Basic Package comes with a Taser C2 with integrated laser sight.  Sorry ladies but the Basic Package only offers the C2 in Black.  You’ll need to look at the other packages to get those cute colors we ladies love.  The package also includes a live cartridge with full 15 foot range, a lithium power magazine battery, a handy practice target and a very useful training DVD.  This is a great package and we offer it here at iZAPmen.com at an extremely competitive price.

The Gold Package

The Gold Package comes with a Taser C2 with integrated laser sight.  And, here’s the good news, it also comes in your choice of colors:  black, blue, red, pink (my favorite), yellow and titanium.  Another benefit added to the Taser C2 Gold Package is a holster specifically designed for your C2.  In addition, the Gold Package comes complete with two live 15 foot range cartridges.  Just like the Basic Package, you’ll also get a lithium power magazine battery, a handy practice target and a very useful training DVD.  The Gold Package is an early favorite and priced very right here at iZAPmen.com.

The Platinum Package

The Taser C2 Platinum Package comes with a Taser C2 with integrated laser sight.  Like the Gold Package, the Platinum Package also allows you to choose your favorite color.  In addition, the Platinum Package comes complete with four live 15 foot range cartridges!  Just like the Gold Package, you’ll also get a holster specifically designed for your C2, a lithium power magazine battery, a handy practice target and a very useful training DVD.  This package offers the very best value of the three and here at iZAPmen.com we have been sure to offer it at a very competitive price.

The Taser C2 is a must have for any woman who is serious about her personal self-defense.  Take a look at them in our online store.  We’ve even included product demonstration videos for you to watch.

Stay safe!!

Tammy Taser on the TASER M18 AND TASER M18L

Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

By Tammy Taser

The TASER M18 and TASER M18L are modeled after the law enforcement model Advanced TASER m26, which are not only easy to use but include an LED light (which can certainly come in handy for those late nights and poorly-lit parking garages)!  These TASERS are non-lethal self-defense weapons that use electric currents to stop attackers in their tracks.  Each TASER M18 or M17L has two prongs which are connected to your TASER by insulated wire that carries electrical pulses.  The two prongs can send electric pulses through clothing up to 2 in. thick!

I actually read that the Advanced TASER M18 has been noted to be almost 100% effective.  The wires can reach up to 15ft and carry over 50,000 volts to your attacker, using EMD (Electro-Muscular Disruption) technology to not only confuse your attacker, but make him or her incapable of controlling their own muscles. 

2 Different Types of Energy Weapons – Stunning Devices and EMD Weapons

Stunning Devices – The average stunning devices puts off about 7-14 Watts of electricity, targeting your attacker’s nervous system.  Basically, it bypasses the signals sent between your brain and body, taking control of your attacker’s body.  There are a small percentage of people who aren’t very susceptible to the effects of a stun gun and can continue to fight even once they’ve been stunned.  For this reason, I prefer stun weapons like the TASER 3400, which use the same settings as the stun weapons that police officers carry.  Better to be safe than sorry! 

EMD Weapons – Typically between 18-26 Watts of electricity, EMD weapons are much more powerful than stunning devices.  With this much power, EMD weapons completely take control of your attacker’s muscles, flooding them with involuntary muscle contractions.  No matter how high an attacker’s pain tolerance, he or she will not be able to control their body regardless.  These weapons are effective and quick!  Attackers will literally crumple to the ground, giving you time to get away to safety! 

Top Questions on TASER M18 and TASER M18L

Q.  Why is the Advanced TASER M18 and TASER M18L so effective, but not lethal? 
A. Unlike other weapons used to deter violent individuals, the Advanced TASER M18 and M18L do not need to penetrate the attacker’s body nor does force need to be used.  The electrical pulses sent out through the prongs are strong enough to override the signals sent from the attacker’s brain to his body, making him incapable of doing anything.  Absolutely no deaths have ever been connected directly to being exposed to a TASER, so rest your mind at ease that you’re using an incredibly humane, but effective self-defense weapon

Q. High voltage is extremely harmful and even fatal, right?

A. To some degree, high voltage alone isn’t fatal.  A person can be on the receiving end of up to 25,000 volts of static electricity from a doorknob and walk away unscathed.  The damage done by electricity is determined by how long you’re exposed to it, the intensity of the current and the device creating the shock.  The current running through your house at 110 volts is dangerous because it can pump high amperage through your body until something disrupts it.  In comparison, a TASER may be powered by 8 AA batteries that each have 1.5 volts of electricity (18 Watts) that will only last for a few seconds at most.  There’s definitely a huge difference between the two!

Q. Do the probes actually have to break through the skin to work? 

A. Nope! The electrical pulse will travel about 2 inches past wherever they land as long as both of the probes are connected to clothing or skin.  Only 3/8inch of each point must go through the skin, so not too much. 

Q. What happens if one or both probes miss my attacker?
A. The TASER will still work even if only one probe hits your attacker, though the effects will be not as extreme.  If you miss your attacker entirely, your TASER can be used as a contact stunning device!  Your TASER has two backup options.  Not only do you have a backup air cartridge, but you can also make direct contact with your attacker and your TASER for a stunning effect.  Granted it’s not exactly comfortable to be that close to your attacker, it’s a great last resort if your first attempts didn’t do the job. 

Q. Will the probes from my TASER stick to a bulletproof vest?

It really depends!  Some bulletproof vests are only made to stop hard projectiles such as bullets, not to prevent knife or needle puncture.  If you use your TASER and the probes attach to clothing outside of a bulletproof vest, there is a chance that the electric current may pass through some vests.  Some bulletproof vests are made with metal shock plates that force the probes to bounce right off.  It would be a rare case when you’d have to use your TASER against someone with a bulletproof vest on, so it’s probably not something you’ll have to worry about and certainly not something I’ve ever come across! 

It’s important that you choose a non-lethal self-defense device that best suits your comfort level and lifestyle, but when it comes to choosing something that’s simple to use and effective, TASERS are hands-down one of the top choices!

Public Transportation Safety Tips With Pepper Spray Patty


Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

By Pepper Spray Patty



I regularly use public transportation and I’ve always thought it’s a great benefit to living in the city. It’s relatively cheap, convenient and causes less pollution. Though public transportation in general is a safe way to travel, I’d never assume that it isn’t without its risks. Here is my advice on how to stay safe while you use public transportation:

Taking the Bus

  • If you take the bus, try to only use bus stops that you are familiar with and that are very well-lit.
  • Make sure you check the departure and arrival schedule of the bus you’re taking, that way you can tell someone when you should get home or be expected to meet them. Let someone know which buses you plan to take if you’re making a non-routine trip. If you’re concerned about your safety when you reach your destination, ask a friend to meet you at your stop.
  • If you’re able, take a seat near the driver.
  • If someone on the bus talks to you, be polite but don’t provide too much information such as where you’re going or who you’re meeting. Never let anyone know there’s no one waiting for you at the other end. Never give out personal details such as where you work or live.
  • Keep your self-defense product such as pepper spray, Mace, a stun gun or TASER handy! Either keep it in your purse or on your keychain so that if anything happens, you’re ready!

Riding the Train

  • Before you even get on the train, make sure that you have your self-defense product on hand. I prefer my pepper spray, but Mace, a stun gun or a TASER would be equally effective!
  • Make sure you wait only in the well-lit portions of the train platform near other people. Thankfully, most of the train stations out there have closed-circuit surveillance systems that are watched by security staff.
  • Once on the train, try to sit in a car with lots of other people.
  • Keep your bag(s) on you at all times, don’t leave them on a seat nearby or under your seat.
  • If someone or something is making you uncomfortable, move seats. If you are too uncomfortable, you can always get off the train and catch another. Make sure that if you get off that the station you get off at is a busy and safe one.
  • As soon as you sit down take note of where the emergency button or cord is located so that you can use them if need be.


  • If you regularly travel in a taxi keep the number of one you trust on hand. If it’s programmed into your cell phone then you’ll be able to easily get a tax when and where you need one without having to settle for the first one information gives you when you call.
  • If you’re traveling somewhere where you will be taking taxis to travel, ask someone you know in that area who they trust. If you don’t’ know anyone who lives or has lived in the area you’re traveling to, check third-party review sites to see which taxi companies have the best reviews.
  • If you’re going to need a taxi to bring you home after an event, try to schedule your pickup ahead of time. That way, you won’t be left without a taxi and you won’t have to wait long either.
  • When it’s possible, share a taxi with a friend! It’s less expensive and of course safer.
  • Once you get home, have your money and keys ready before stepping out of the car. This way you can get inside your house or building quickly.
  • If your taxi driver ever gives you reason to feel uneasy, have him/her stop in a busy location with lots of people and get out! Better to be safe than sorry.
  • No matter how careful you are, sometimes you just don’t know what someone is going to do. Make sure that you have your Mace, pepper spray, stun gun or TASER on you.

Pepper Spray Patty on Pepper Spray and Unfriendly Dogs

By Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

If you come across an unfriendly dog or animal, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to protect yourself and avoid a possible attack. I like to take a no-nonsense approach and carry Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray, which holds .75 fluid oz of a pepper-based liquid. It will allow you to shoot out approximately 10 bursts that are each 1 second long. It’s always suggested that with any pepper spray product that you check to make sure it functions every couple months. Just make sure you do it outside and that the wind isn’t blowing in your direction! You don’t want to make that mistake. Also, make sure you don’t empty your pepper spray or leave yourself with only one shot left!

Obviously it is best if you keep yourself out of dangerous situations, but unfortunately that’s easier said than done in some cases. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation it’s best to be prepared, which is why I always carry self-defense products like pepper spray. The MACE dog pepper spray is also a great thing to have on hand. All you have to do is place your finger under the safety and hold down the button as you point your pepper spray at the threatening dog. You’ll notice that the Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray container is shaped to nicely fit your hand so that even in the dark you should easily be able to use it.

When you use your Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray make sure that you point it at the dog’s mouth and face. You should be able to spray a dog up to 10-12 ft away unless there’s a strong breeze. This should give you a little time to get away from the dog. Also, it’s very important that you always hold the MACE upright since it might not work otherwise! And never, ever spray it into a strong breeze or wind! A good friend of mine learned that one the hard way. Trust me; it’s not a mistake you want to make.

Unlike other MACE products, the Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray is designed to send out .5 second bursts of pepper spray. The pepper spray is made from an organic pepper base that is an extreme irritant to the dog’s eyes, mouth and nose. Once the dog is hit with the pepper spray it should immediately start to turn away. The pain and irritation will wear off after a few minutes, so as soon as the dog seems to lose interest in you and be preoccupied with the strange irritation of the spray you definitely want to get moving!

Whether your attacker has 4 legs or 2, it’s important that you’re prepared to ward them off effectively and quickly. I prefer a no-nonsense type of approach. If you’re the same, consider doing what I do and add Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray to your self-defense products—it’s small enough you can easily throw it in your pocket or purse just in case!