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July 2010
July 2010
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Suzy Stun Gun’s Self-Defense Tips

Suzy Stun Gun

By Suzy Stun Gun

You just never know where or when you may have to defense yourself against an attacker. Being prepared to defense yourself can only help you in the end. Friends have come to me and the other iZAPmen.com team members and asked us for basic self-defense tips. Here’s what we [...]

Suzy Stun Gun on How Stun Guns Work

By Suzy Stun Gun

Suzy Stun Gun

Ladies, whether you’ve used a stun gun personally or know someone who has one, I’m sure you’ve wondered at one time or another how they actually work! A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that deters attackers using a high voltage of electricity. As soon as the prongs [...]

Mandi Mace on Safety at College Parties and Avoiding Date Rape


Mandi Mace

By Mandi Mace

 I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times just like I have, but drugs and alcohol really do affect the decisions you make (and obviously you shouldn’t be doing drugs anyway). Alcohol is often a large part of the social aspect of college life for even the most responsible students. It [...]

Pepper Spray Patty on Protecting Your Purse and Personal Items

Pepper Spray Patty

By Pepper Spray Patty

If you’re like most women, you carry everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink around with you in your purse. I’m sure if you tried to weed through the things in your purse, you’d probably end up with barely anything in the “leave out” pile and everything in the “I need” [...]

An Overview of Tasers According to Tammy Taser


Tammy Taser

By Tammy Taser

Tasers are my personal favorite when it comes to non-lethal self-defense weapons. These are the most popular Tasers:

TASER C2 – 5 watts; 0.07 joules per pulse; 2.1 mA average current

TASER M18 – 18 watts; 0.50 joules per pulse; 2.7 mA average current
TASER X26C – 5 watts; 0.07 joules per pulse; 1.9 [...]