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Suzy Stun Gun’s Self-Defense Tips
July 2010
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Suzy Stun Gun’s Self-Defense Tips

Suzy Stun Gun

Suzy Stun Gun

By Suzy Stun Gun

You just never know where or when you may have to defense yourself against an attacker. Being prepared to defense yourself can only help you in the end. Friends have come to me and the other iZAPmen.com team members and asked us for basic self-defense tips. Here’s what we came up with:


Avoid a dangerous confrontation if at all possible: If you are able to avoid and/or anticipate an attacker or dangerous situation that’s the best way to defense yourself. If you do find yourself being confronted by an attacker, try to talk to them calmly and coolly. Don’t freak out! As you become aware of your voice, take note of your body language as well. Keep as much distance as possible between you and your attacker and try to carry yourself with confidence despite how you feel.

Use a personal alarm device if you have one: Personal alarms come in many different forms, from whistles to aerosol cans. Typically, they release a very loud and very shocking sound that will not only startle your attacker, but immediately draw attention to you by anyone within earshot. Make sure that if you have one that you don’t let it float amongst all of the stuff in your purse. Keep it on your keychain or in your pocket so that you can easily get hold of it and use it. Once you use it and make eye contact with someone nearby that has noticed that you’re in danger scream for them to call the police. Again, if you don’t have a personal alarm or can’t find it fast enough SCREAM!

Learn how to calm yourself even in a threatening situation: Regardless of what or whom you may be up against, it is critical that you are able to calm yourself enough to stay in control of your body and reactions. Staying calm will help you to react in the best way possible as well as identify an opportunity to fight or get away. If you do fight back physically, go for one of the key sensitive spots: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, throat, groin, knees and chins. Just pick whichever is easiest to injure and do what you can to get away. Keep in mind that physically fighting against your attacker will make him angrier once he recovers, so make sure you have an escape route planned.

If an attacker ever grabs you from behind: Don’t ever struggle forward if you’re attacked from behind. The best thing you can do is throw yourself backwards. Try throwing your head back into their face, stomping on his foot or kicking backwards into their leg.

If you are being attacked you have the right to fight back: When faced with an attacker, use whatever you can to get away. If you have an umbrella, your keys, a bag or anything else that you can turn into a weapon use it! I have to remind you though that you shouldn’t carry any weapons that might be considered illegal. Remember, you don’t want to kill your attacker, just stun them enough so that you can get away. Once you’ve done this, run like wind and get to safety!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways that you can defend yourself against an attacker. If you want to learn more, consider signing up for a women’s self-defense class! Also, if you don’t already have one, purchase a self-defense product such as a TASER, stun gun, pepper spray or MACE. Don’t leave yourself without a way to protect yourself!

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