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Tammy Taser Dishes on the TASER C2
August 2010
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Tammy Taser Dishes on the TASER C2

By Tammy Taser

Taser Safety

I’m definitely a big fan of safety, which is one reason why I like the TASER C2. It’s incredibly effective and allows you to protect yourself without getting too close to your attacker, stopping them from up to 15ft away! If for some reason your attacker is very close to you, thankfully the TASER C2 works double-duty as a contact stun gun! I may be a bit biased, since the TASER is my self-defense product of choice, but over half a million TASER owners worldwide agree that the TASER is an effective form of self-defense!

It Gets the Job Done

Able to remain effective regardless of where it hits your attacker’s body, the TASER C2 is a bit simpler to use under stress than other self-defense products.  TASERS are so effective that they are used by thousands of law enforcement organizations with ratings of 95% effectiveness. It’s no wonder he TASER is regarded as one of the best non-lethal self-defense devices, capable of incapacitating an attacker even if he/she is affected by drugs or alcohol!

Being a Responsible TASER Owner

Though TASERS are an incredibly effective, non-lethal self-defense weapon, TASER International takes TASER ownership very seriously. Your new TASER C2 can only be activated after the new owner completes a background check through TASER International. There is a small activation fee at this time as well. You wouldn’t want a TASER getting into the wrong hands!

Another great safety feature of the TASER C2 is that the cartridges each have a dedicated serial number with an AFI or Anti-Felon Identification system that sprays out tiny tags at the scene where the TASER is discharged that also feature the same serial number. That way, the police can track any inappropriate TASER use.

Replacement Guarantee for Life

Now ladies, this is one of my favorite benefits to owning a TASER C2! If you ever have to use your TASER C2 in self-defense, TASER International will replace it for free if you can provide a police report regarding the incident! That’s a fabulous guarantee!

Some of the Most Common TASER Questions

Q. Are TASERS considered firearms?

A. No. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have stated that TASER ECDs are non-firearms in 1998 and in 1994.

Q. What is a TASER C2?

A. A TASER C2 is a self-defense product that can stop attackers up to 15ft away by shooting out probes that send out an electrical current that in capacitate the attacker.

Q. Is the TASER C2 a lethal weapon?

A. No way! The TASER C2 is actually a non-lethal self-defense device, which is one of the reasons it is so effective and widely used by the average woman. Remember that just because it is non-lethal does not mean that it does not cause any injury due to overexertion or falling.

Q. Are TASERs more danger if an attacker has a pacemaker?

A. No, both your heart or pacemaker can withstand the amount of energy released by a TASER. TASER International has tested its products to ensure that no deaths occurred as a result of normal TASER use.

Q. Do police officers use the TASER C2?

A. Nope! Law enforcement officials use TASER models that are only available to law enforcement agencies

Q. What happens during the background check and activation process after you purchase a TASER C2?

A. Your TASER C2 will be sent do you with inactive status. In order to get the activation code from TASER International you must pass an ID verifaction and background check. This can be done over the internet at TASER.com or over the phone at 1-888-827-3788. Once you pass you’ll get the activation code. At this time you will also have to pay a $9.95 activation fee that covers you for the activation of up to 10 units.

Q. What are AFID tags?

A. AFID or Anti-Felon Identification tags are tiny tags that feature a unique serial code that matches the serial code printed on the cartridge inside of your TASER. When your TASER is used it will also spray out the tiny tags, making it easy for law enforcement officials to identify who used the TASER.

Q. Is it legal for me to carry a TASER?

A. TASERs are legal in most of the 50 states, however, you cannot purchase one in DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI and cities like Annapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia. There are some restrictions in CT and IL. Check with your local police department to see if they’re legal in your area. If you find that it is illegal for you to purchase one in your area, iZAPmen.com is more than happy to send your TASER C2 to an alternative address that does not prohibit their purchase.

Q. Can you bring your TASER when you fly commercially?

A. TASERs can only be taken on a commercial airplane if they are placed in the suitcase or bag that you check, NOT in your carry-on!

Q. How many times can I use a single cartridge?

A. The TASER C2 cartridge can only be used once, so you may want to buy additional cartridges just in case!

Q. How does the TASER shoot out the probes?

A. Compressed, inert nitrogen is used to propel the probes out of the TASER at about 100 MPH.

Q. What do I do if I miss my attacker?

A. Thankfully, the TASER C2 can also be used as a contact stun gun!

Q. Does the TASER C2 have a warranty?

A. Yep! Your new TASER C2 will have a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, you can purchase a 1-3 year warranty that will allow you to repair or replace your TASER C2 without any questions asked!

I love my TASER and I know that no matter where I am, as long as it’s in my bag I can take on anyone and anything that threatens my safety!

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