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Pepper Spray Patty on Pepper Spray and Unfriendly Dogs
January 2011
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Pepper Spray Patty on Pepper Spray and Unfriendly Dogs

By Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

If you come across an unfriendly dog or animal, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to protect yourself and avoid a possible attack. I like to take a no-nonsense approach and carry Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray, which holds .75 fluid oz of a pepper-based liquid. It will allow you to shoot out approximately 10 bursts that are each 1 second long. It’s always suggested that with any pepper spray product that you check to make sure it functions every couple months. Just make sure you do it outside and that the wind isn’t blowing in your direction! You don’t want to make that mistake. Also, make sure you don’t empty your pepper spray or leave yourself with only one shot left!

Obviously it is best if you keep yourself out of dangerous situations, but unfortunately that’s easier said than done in some cases. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation it’s best to be prepared, which is why I always carry self-defense products like pepper spray. The MACE dog pepper spray is also a great thing to have on hand. All you have to do is place your finger under the safety and hold down the button as you point your pepper spray at the threatening dog. You’ll notice that the Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray container is shaped to nicely fit your hand so that even in the dark you should easily be able to use it.

When you use your Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray make sure that you point it at the dog’s mouth and face. You should be able to spray a dog up to 10-12 ft away unless there’s a strong breeze. This should give you a little time to get away from the dog. Also, it’s very important that you always hold the MACE upright since it might not work otherwise! And never, ever spray it into a strong breeze or wind! A good friend of mine learned that one the hard way. Trust me; it’s not a mistake you want to make.

Unlike other MACE products, the Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray is designed to send out .5 second bursts of pepper spray. The pepper spray is made from an organic pepper base that is an extreme irritant to the dog’s eyes, mouth and nose. Once the dog is hit with the pepper spray it should immediately start to turn away. The pain and irritation will wear off after a few minutes, so as soon as the dog seems to lose interest in you and be preoccupied with the strange irritation of the spray you definitely want to get moving!

Whether your attacker has 4 legs or 2, it’s important that you’re prepared to ward them off effectively and quickly. I prefer a no-nonsense type of approach. If you’re the same, consider doing what I do and add Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray to your self-defense products—it’s small enough you can easily throw it in your pocket or purse just in case!

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