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Public Transportation Safety Tips With Pepper Spray Patty
January 2011
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Public Transportation Safety Tips With Pepper Spray Patty


Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

By Pepper Spray Patty



I regularly use public transportation and I’ve always thought it’s a great benefit to living in the city. It’s relatively cheap, convenient and causes less pollution. Though public transportation in general is a safe way to travel, I’d never assume that it isn’t without its risks. Here is my advice on how to stay safe while you use public transportation:

Taking the Bus

  • If you take the bus, try to only use bus stops that you are familiar with and that are very well-lit.
  • Make sure you check the departure and arrival schedule of the bus you’re taking, that way you can tell someone when you should get home or be expected to meet them. Let someone know which buses you plan to take if you’re making a non-routine trip. If you’re concerned about your safety when you reach your destination, ask a friend to meet you at your stop.
  • If you’re able, take a seat near the driver.
  • If someone on the bus talks to you, be polite but don’t provide too much information such as where you’re going or who you’re meeting. Never let anyone know there’s no one waiting for you at the other end. Never give out personal details such as where you work or live.
  • Keep your self-defense product such as pepper spray, Mace, a stun gun or TASER handy! Either keep it in your purse or on your keychain so that if anything happens, you’re ready!

Riding the Train

  • Before you even get on the train, make sure that you have your self-defense product on hand. I prefer my pepper spray, but Mace, a stun gun or a TASER would be equally effective!
  • Make sure you wait only in the well-lit portions of the train platform near other people. Thankfully, most of the train stations out there have closed-circuit surveillance systems that are watched by security staff.
  • Once on the train, try to sit in a car with lots of other people.
  • Keep your bag(s) on you at all times, don’t leave them on a seat nearby or under your seat.
  • If someone or something is making you uncomfortable, move seats. If you are too uncomfortable, you can always get off the train and catch another. Make sure that if you get off that the station you get off at is a busy and safe one.
  • As soon as you sit down take note of where the emergency button or cord is located so that you can use them if need be.


  • If you regularly travel in a taxi keep the number of one you trust on hand. If it’s programmed into your cell phone then you’ll be able to easily get a tax when and where you need one without having to settle for the first one information gives you when you call.
  • If you’re traveling somewhere where you will be taking taxis to travel, ask someone you know in that area who they trust. If you don’t’ know anyone who lives or has lived in the area you’re traveling to, check third-party review sites to see which taxi companies have the best reviews.
  • If you’re going to need a taxi to bring you home after an event, try to schedule your pickup ahead of time. That way, you won’t be left without a taxi and you won’t have to wait long either.
  • When it’s possible, share a taxi with a friend! It’s less expensive and of course safer.
  • Once you get home, have your money and keys ready before stepping out of the car. This way you can get inside your house or building quickly.
  • If your taxi driver ever gives you reason to feel uneasy, have him/her stop in a busy location with lots of people and get out! Better to be safe than sorry.
  • No matter how careful you are, sometimes you just don’t know what someone is going to do. Make sure that you have your Mace, pepper spray, stun gun or TASER on you.

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