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Tammy Taser on the TASER M18 AND TASER M18L
February 2011
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Tammy Taser on the TASER M18 AND TASER M18L

Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

By Tammy Taser

The TASER M18 and TASER M18L are modeled after the law enforcement model Advanced TASER m26, which are not only easy to use but include an LED light (which can certainly come in handy for those late nights and poorly-lit parking garages)!  These TASERS are non-lethal self-defense weapons that use electric currents to stop attackers in their tracks.  Each TASER M18 or M17L has two prongs which are connected to your TASER by insulated wire that carries electrical pulses.  The two prongs can send electric pulses through clothing up to 2 in. thick!

I actually read that the Advanced TASER M18 has been noted to be almost 100% effective.  The wires can reach up to 15ft and carry over 50,000 volts to your attacker, using EMD (Electro-Muscular Disruption) technology to not only confuse your attacker, but make him or her incapable of controlling their own muscles. 

2 Different Types of Energy Weapons – Stunning Devices and EMD Weapons

Stunning Devices – The average stunning devices puts off about 7-14 Watts of electricity, targeting your attacker’s nervous system.  Basically, it bypasses the signals sent between your brain and body, taking control of your attacker’s body.  There are a small percentage of people who aren’t very susceptible to the effects of a stun gun and can continue to fight even once they’ve been stunned.  For this reason, I prefer stun weapons like the TASER 3400, which use the same settings as the stun weapons that police officers carry.  Better to be safe than sorry! 

EMD Weapons – Typically between 18-26 Watts of electricity, EMD weapons are much more powerful than stunning devices.  With this much power, EMD weapons completely take control of your attacker’s muscles, flooding them with involuntary muscle contractions.  No matter how high an attacker’s pain tolerance, he or she will not be able to control their body regardless.  These weapons are effective and quick!  Attackers will literally crumple to the ground, giving you time to get away to safety! 

Top Questions on TASER M18 and TASER M18L

Q.  Why is the Advanced TASER M18 and TASER M18L so effective, but not lethal? 
A. Unlike other weapons used to deter violent individuals, the Advanced TASER M18 and M18L do not need to penetrate the attacker’s body nor does force need to be used.  The electrical pulses sent out through the prongs are strong enough to override the signals sent from the attacker’s brain to his body, making him incapable of doing anything.  Absolutely no deaths have ever been connected directly to being exposed to a TASER, so rest your mind at ease that you’re using an incredibly humane, but effective self-defense weapon

Q. High voltage is extremely harmful and even fatal, right?

A. To some degree, high voltage alone isn’t fatal.  A person can be on the receiving end of up to 25,000 volts of static electricity from a doorknob and walk away unscathed.  The damage done by electricity is determined by how long you’re exposed to it, the intensity of the current and the device creating the shock.  The current running through your house at 110 volts is dangerous because it can pump high amperage through your body until something disrupts it.  In comparison, a TASER may be powered by 8 AA batteries that each have 1.5 volts of electricity (18 Watts) that will only last for a few seconds at most.  There’s definitely a huge difference between the two!

Q. Do the probes actually have to break through the skin to work? 

A. Nope! The electrical pulse will travel about 2 inches past wherever they land as long as both of the probes are connected to clothing or skin.  Only 3/8inch of each point must go through the skin, so not too much. 

Q. What happens if one or both probes miss my attacker?
A. The TASER will still work even if only one probe hits your attacker, though the effects will be not as extreme.  If you miss your attacker entirely, your TASER can be used as a contact stunning device!  Your TASER has two backup options.  Not only do you have a backup air cartridge, but you can also make direct contact with your attacker and your TASER for a stunning effect.  Granted it’s not exactly comfortable to be that close to your attacker, it’s a great last resort if your first attempts didn’t do the job. 

Q. Will the probes from my TASER stick to a bulletproof vest?

It really depends!  Some bulletproof vests are only made to stop hard projectiles such as bullets, not to prevent knife or needle puncture.  If you use your TASER and the probes attach to clothing outside of a bulletproof vest, there is a chance that the electric current may pass through some vests.  Some bulletproof vests are made with metal shock plates that force the probes to bounce right off.  It would be a rare case when you’d have to use your TASER against someone with a bulletproof vest on, so it’s probably not something you’ll have to worry about and certainly not something I’ve ever come across! 

It’s important that you choose a non-lethal self-defense device that best suits your comfort level and lifestyle, but when it comes to choosing something that’s simple to use and effective, TASERS are hands-down one of the top choices!

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