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One in Every Six Women Is Assaulted In Her Lifetime – The Benefits of Mace Pepper Spray
March 2011
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One in Every Six Women Is Assaulted In Her Lifetime – The Benefits of Mace Pepper Spray

Mandi Mace

Mandi Mace

by Mandi Mace

One in every six women is sexually assaulted in her lifetime–that’s 17% of the female population. According to the CDC, in this past year alone, 300,000 women reported having been raped, and it is estimated that those reports represent less than 40% of actual rapes. The bottom line is: You need to protect yourself. Mace pepper sprays are an excellent means of self-defense.

Mace brand pepper sprays come in a variety of concentrations and sizes. All Mace pepper sprays contain a particular concentration of OC, an element of cayenne pepper reduced to Oleoresin Capsicum, which inflames the mucous membranes upon contact, causing temporary blindness and labored breathing. It is not lethal, but can be a highly effective deterrent to attackers for 15 to 60 minutes. Some Mace brand pepper sprays contain irritants, such as tear gas, in addition to OC.

Irritants may not be as effective as OC at causing temporary injury to those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but are still extremely powerful. Other Mace brand sprays also contain a UV marking dye that will appear on your assailant’s clothing or vehicle and can be useful in apprehending him or her later. Along with common sense, Mace is an invaluable addition to your personal protection plan.

The best way to use your Mace pepper spray in a situation is carefully. Hopefully, you will never need to use it, but if you feel threatened, you should keep these things in mind:

1.  You are certain that your life is being threatened

2.  Spray and move–as soon as you spray your attacker, move away

3.  Always stand upwind from your Mace spray

Remember to call 9-1-1 and/or the police to report the assault or attempted assault–reporting crime can save lives, including your own.

It is illegal to use Mace sprays as a prank or to intentionally harm someone who is not hurting you. Some states have restrictions on Mace sprays and OC pepper sprays, so you should always check with your local law enforcement agency before purchasing any Mace brand products. Here at www.iZAPmen.com we have an extensive section detailing state and local restrictions on Mace and pepper sprays.  You should also be aware that Mace expires, and should be regularly tested for spray function. Some helpful tips to keep in mind before and after purchasing Mace include:

*  Check with local law enforcement regarding Mace restrictions

*  Test your Mace every 90 days to ensure spray function is fine

*  Replace your Mace yearly to ensure its effectiveness & potency

Mace brand pepper sprays are extremely effective at impairing vision and breathing, and come in a broad range of sizes, styles, and concentrations. Some Mace pepper sprays come with belt clips, Velcro attachments, or key rings so that they stay close to your person when you are out and about. If you jog, work outdoors, walk your college campus, or do any activity outside your home that puts you at risk for a potential assault, Mace brand spray is a convenient means of personal protection.

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