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The Ultimate Taser for Women
June 2011
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The Ultimate Taser for Women

By Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

Women are always looking for better ways to help protect themselves. In this day and time, with the rapid rise in crime, she would be unintelligent to do otherwise.

Years ago, the products made for women to carry for protection were often bulky and hard to hide. Women used such things as pepper spray, Mace, whistles and even Tasers. However, when these items first came out, they weren’t compact in size so it was difficult for women to have a bit of protection when needed. After all, you can’t go around carrying a weapon out in the open. That would be just the ticket the bad guys needed so that they could jump you and try to take it away from you. We’ve all seen reports of police officers having their weapons taken away from them by criminals; what’s to stop them from doing the same to a woman?

Thankfully, times have changed and now there is a new version of the Taser that is inexpensive and compact. Keep in mind that there are a few places where Tasers are illegal to carry. We have a complete list of Taser Restictions right here on iZAPmen.com.  For the fortunate places where people are allowed to carry them, women now have a great little tool for their personal protection. This little tool packs quite a punch and it is called the Taser C2. This is made by the ever popular Taser International.

It is a known fact that men can be stronger and more dominating than women, so it is only natural for a woman to want to protect herself. This Taser is tiny enough to fit into a woman’s purse and will slip into her pocket. It can even be color coordinated as an accessory as it comes in many different colors such as silver, black, blue and even pink. Taser International stated that their number one consumer is women.

The Taser C2 will put a small dent in your budget, but for the punch it packs, it is well worth it. After all, your life and personal safety is worth more than a few dollars, isn’t it? The C2 has the same 50,000 volts just like the Tasers that the police carry. Even though women are the top consumer for this product, it is still bought by men as well. After all, everyone needs protection. Some people even go through training on how to use one just to be sure that they’re doing it properly and not causing unwanted harm to someone. By simply pressing a button, this Taser fires two probes into your target. These probes look like barbs and their job is to make contact with a person in order to make a circuit. If you were to test this on a foil target, you could actually see how much power the 50,000 volts carries. This type of shock from a Taser can last for up to 30 seconds, which gives you a good chance to get away.

If you happen to miss your target, you still have the opportunity to walk up and shock them at close range with the same intensity. It comes equipped with a flashlight as well, so you can see what you’re doing in the dark. It is truly something that no woman wants to be without.

No man either, if he’s smart.

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