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15 Ultimate Holiday Gift Ideas from iZAPmen.com

Valhalla, NY (Vocus) November 17, 2010

iZAPmen.com, the internet’s premier women’s self defense superstore, wants to help you give the gift of personal safety to the special women in your life. iZAPmen.com is a popular web shopping destination for single women, college Co-Ed’s and even mothers. The offerings at iZAPmen.com include a very complete selection of women’s self-defense products. They specialize in pepper sprays, Mace, stun guns, Tasers, personal safety devices, diversion safes as well as security products for the home, dorm room or apartment. The shopping experience created by the iZAPmen.com team, Mandy Mace, Suzy Stun Gun, Pepper Spray Patty and Tammy Taser, is designed to be especially comfortable and empowering for women. iZAPmen.com offers extremely low prices as well as free shipping.

Suzy, Mandy, Patty and Tammy love playing the part of the Holiday elves. They have been very busy putting together their special selection of hundreds of Holiday gift ideas for the special women in your life. So, whether you need to stuff a stocking or give a gift, iZAPmen.com and their special selection of Holiday assortment packs need to be on your list this Holiday Season. So, pull up a keyboard and get ready to be wowed by a truly unique Holiday shopping experience. C’mon, let’s go Holiday shopping!

Here is just a sampling of the great women’s self-defense gift ideas from iZAPmen.com:

Gift Ideas Under $30

iZAPmen.com has hundreds of affordable gift and stocking stuffer ideas. Here is a sampling of their ideas for the budget conscious:

  • Personal Alarm and Pepper Spray Gift Bundle – Mace Pepper Spray and Electronic Pocket Whistle Bundle pack. Both the pepper spray and pocket whistle are great for the woman who is always on the go. These items are small enough to fit on a keychain – yet strong enough to help defend herself in case of an attack. Perfect holiday gift idea for the women who is interested self defense!
  • Pepper Spray and Stun Gun Gift Bundle – Pepper Shot Pepper Spray w/ Key Chain and Stun Master SM-100S Stun Gun Bundle pack. Makes the perfect holiday gift idea for the woman who is interested self defense!
  • Door Stop & Window Alarm Gift Bundle – Affordable home protection that includes a glass window alarm and door stop alarm. Makes a great gift for someone interested in home protection!
  • Canine Defense Gift Bundle – Protect your loved ones from dangerous dogs with the iZapmen Canine Defense Gift Bundle! This gift bundle was specially made for those who could come into contact with a dangerous animal (joggers, walkers, delivery men/women, postal workers etc). Both products are non-lethal, made specifically for canines and are very effective!
  • Pepper Spray Tri-Pack & Kubaton Self Defense Gift Bundle – Get Total Pepper Protection with this handy collection of 3 pepper sprays at one low price! You also get the handy Kubaton which fits nicely on a keychain. This bundle makes for a great stocking stuffer this holiday season!
  • Bicycle Safety Gift Bundle – Are you or a loved one bicycle enthusiasts? Give them the gift of safety this holiday season! Included in this gift bundle are: (1) Super Bright Bicycle Head Light, (1) Super Bright Bicycle Tail Light and (1) Pepper Shot™ Pepper Spray w/ Black Plastic Holster

Gift Ideas Under $50

Affordable, yet substantial. Here are some additional gift ideas that won’t damage your Holiday budget:

  • Home Protection Gift Bundle – If you or your loved one is looking for affordable home/personal protection, you’ve found the right bundle! Included in this gift bundle are: (1) Dual Function Door Brace and (1) UFO Home & Personal Alarm.
  • Stun Gun and Holster Gift Bundle – 300,000 Volts of protection and leather holster – perfect for gift for those looking for non-lethal self defense that only a stun gun can provide!
  • Hidden Self Defense Gift Bundle – The hidden self defense bundle contains the RUNT-25 Stun Gun and a Pepper Spray disguised as a lipstick! Both items are small enough to be hidden away from view – yet strong enough to help prevent an attacker from doing you or your loved one harm! The RUNT-25 stun gun packs a deceptively large punch!
  • Campers Self Defense Gift Pack – The Campers Self Defense Gift Pack comes with (1) Guard Alaska Bear Spray and (1) Bear Spray Holster. Perfect for those camping enthusiasts that would like piece of mind when out in the wilderness!

More Gift Ideas

Here are yet more great gift ideas from Suzy Stun Gun, Mandy Mace, Pepper Spray Patty and Tammy Taser of iZAPmen.com:

  • Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun RUNT-45R – This cute little stun gun packs a deceptively large punch. This unit features: Recharge Capability with Built-In Recharger, FREE Nylon Holster ($10.00 value), a Life Time Warranty, is Only 3.50″ tall and has 4.5 Million volts!
  • Extreme College Survival Kit – The SafeFamilyLife™ Extreme College Survival Kit is specifically structured to make a young woman’s life safer at college. The kit includes an infrared room alarm, a door stop alarm, a book diversion safe to hide her valuables, and personal safety products including pepper sprays , an electronic whistle and much, much more!
  • Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women – The SafeFamilyLife™ Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women is specifically structured to keep women safer while at home or out and around. This kit includes a book diversion safe to hide valuables, pepper sprays, a personal alarm, an electronic whistle, plus much, much more!
  • Taser C2 Starter Gift Bundle – The technologically advanced TASER® C2™ is designed specifically with your personal safety needs in mind. Utilizing the same technology as proven law enforcement models, it offers incredible take down power and unparalleled protection right in the palm of your hand. Give the gift of one of the most effective and non-lethal self defense products ever created! The Taser C2 Starter Gift Bundle includes: (1) Taser C2 w/ Laser Sight (available in Black, Red, Silver, Yellow, Electric Blue, Fasion Pink and Metallic Pink), (2) Additional TASER® C2™ Cartridges and (1) Taser® C2™ Black Hard Case.
  • Taser C2 Accessory Gift Bundle – Make sure your Taser C2 is ready for action with the Taser C2 Accessory Gift Bundle! This bundle includes: (2) Taser C2 Cartridges, (1) TASER C2 Lithium Replacement Battery Pack and (1) Taser C2 Black Hard Case.

iZAPmen.com hopes these women’s self-defense gift ideas are useful, wishes you all the peace and joy of the Holiday Season and thanks you for taking an interest in defending that special woman in your life.

About iZAPmen.com

iZAPmen.com provides women with the widest assortment of non-lethal self-defense products available today. The products are designed especially for women and their need to protect themselves from becoming a victim.
iZAPmen.com is a must see, must shop website experience for any women who wants to effectively defend herself so as not to become the next victim of a violent crime. Women who are already flocking to and enjoying the site include college Co-Eds concerned about violent crimes on campus and dorm room security, single women seeking protection against dates gone wrong, working women concerned about their everyday security in the workplace and beyond and even moms seeking products to protect themselves and their children. There is truly something for every woman at iZAPmen.com.

Products offered include Mace and pepper sprays in a wide variety of unique products and formats just for women. Similarly iZAPmen.com offers one of the widest selections of stun-guns and Tasers specially made for women. These products are made to fit securely in a women’s hand and come in a wide variety of colors. Many are truly well concealed or camouflaged as lipsticks, cell phones, rings, key chains and other items. In addition, iZAPmen.com offers complete safety kits including their College Survival Safety Kit, Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit and Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit. They also have an assortment of Self Defense DVD’s, Self Defense Weapons, Personal Alarms, Home Protection, Diversion Safes, Safety Lights and more– all made exclusively for women.

Browsing iZAPmen.com is a comfortable, enjoyable, empowering experience for any women.

iZAPmen.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prism Holdings, Inc., a multi-dimensional eCommerce company based in picturesque Valhalla, NY. For additional information on Prism Holdings please visit http://www.PrismHoldingsInc.com.

Tammy Taser’s Safety Tips for Public Places

By Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

As women, it is so important that we take our safety seriously! Here are some of the tips that I share with my friends when they come to me for advice on how to best stay safe—they know I don’t play around when it comes to my safety!

  • Listen to your instincts! Even if you don’t know why something is bothering you, if the feeling won’t go away it’s probably for a reason.
  • Pay attention to everything that goes on around you, from things that seem out of place to people.
  • When you walk down the sidewalk, make sure you’re facing oncoming traffic so that you can see what’s coming your way.
  • Keep your purse close to your body. Not only does it prevent the embarrassing issue of you smashing other people with your oversized bag, but it’ll make you a less likely candidate to have your bag snatched.
  • Always appear confident and calm, even if you’re panicking inside. Predators tend to pray on those who seem hopeless and easy to overcome.
  • Always let someone know where you’re going and when you should be back. Even if you live alone, let a family member or friend know if you’re making an unexpected or out-of-the-ordinary trip.
  • If you think you’re being followed, seek out a place full of people and find either a security guard or police officer. You can always call the police on your cell if things seem urgently dangerous.
  • If you feel as though a group of people are closing in on you, make sure they aren’t able to surround you. Muggings often take on this type of pack-like appearance before they happen.
  • Think carefully about how you should react in different threatening circumstances.
  • Ask yourself how you will defend yourself if you need to. Obviously my first thought is my TASER, but if for some reason I can’t use it, I have a Plan B.
  • When faced with an attacker, never show that you’re scared. In some circumstances showing that you’re angry may throw the attacker off. Most attackers want easy victims.
  • Yell, “Fire!” if you need to draw attention to yourself. People are much more likely to respond to “Fire!” than anything else and it can be screamed very quickly.
  • If you feel someone following you or closing in on you, try calling out a random name and look around as though you’re looking for someone. Your potential attacker will probably be less likely to go after you if he/she thinks you’re not alone.
  • If your attacker has a weapon, be very careful in how you deal with them. Thankfully if I TASER my attacker he won’t be able to use his weapon. Just another reason my TASER is my self-defense weapon of choice!
  • Regardless of the type of self-defense weapons you prefer, Mace, pepper spray, stun gun or TASER, make sure you keep something on you at all times!

More Than the Usual Halloween Safety Tips From iZAPmen.com

By The iZapmen Team

Halloween is only a few days  away so it’s time to get all of your shopping done so you can go out and make the most of your weekend. According to iZAPmen.com, Halloween is celebrated by American adults more than any other holiday! That being said, you would imagine it’s not just children piling tons of candy in their trick-or-treat bags. Many adults take part in the festivities as well, whether it is parents who chaperone their children or adults getting dressed up and going out to clubs, bars and parties. It is definitely an incredible holiday to celebrate but we must always remember to take the appropriate Halloween safety precautions whether you are a parent taking your child trick-or-treating or an adult having a good time with your friends.  iZAPmen.com provides us with much more than the usual Halloween safety tips.

The children have come home from school after a day of showing off all their great costumes and characters and are ready to go get some candy! Surely the first thing that mothers think about is the safety of their children. Halloween is all in good fun, but mothers are well aware that their children are approaching and receiving candy from strangers. Here are some tips for moms to make sure that your child is kept out of harm’s way. Always make sure that any candy that your child is given is properly wrapped so that you know it isn’t tampered with. Anything that is loose or not wrapped correctly should be thrown out immediately. When your child selects a house that they want to go to, stay by their side at all times because that is the only way to ever really make sure that they do not disappear. Finally, avoid streets that do not have bright street lights.  Surely there are plenty of streets in your neighborhood, so just make sure you are going down the ones that seem the safest to you.  Wear bright clothing, carry flashlights and be sure to bring your cell phone to report any trouble.

When adults go on their own Halloween adventures, usually there is alcohol involved. With an abundance of vampires and alcohol, you need to always make sure to take the right precautions when going out. Some costumes often attract more attention than others which may cause unwanted incidents that can lead to very serious consequences. An image of a drunk vampire who won’t take “no” for an answer from a French maid may come to mind.  There is nothing wrong with the costumes themselves, but we need to be as careful as possible.  So here are some tips on how to avoid incidents when out on Halloween.  Always travel with a group of friends and do not separate from them especially when wandering the streets from one place to another. For women, some costumes tend to be more revealing which often attracts more attention. Bring a light jacket with you that will not be a nuisance, in case you feel uncomfortable where you are. It will also help while you are walking the streets in a city where you are seen by more people.

Despite all of the tips above, the unexpected can always happen so you need to find the best way to protect yourself in the event a situation begins to take a turn from bad to worse. We spoke to the experts at iZAPmen.com regarding what to do in case you are put in uncomfortable situations or ever confronted with major problems. When we spoke to Tammy Taser of IZapmen.com, she said “I always keep my Taser C2 with me when I am going out on Halloween. It just gives me an even greater sense of security whether I’m dancing on Halloween or just out on the town with my friends on any night.”

“I never leave home without my stun gun in my purse” says Suzy Stungun. “No matter what my situation, I know that no one will mess with me after a couple zaps from my stun gun.

Pepper Spray Patti tells us how “her light and convenient pepper spray is with her no matter where she goes and that it will definitely be in her pocketbook this Halloween.”

“I’ll be the first one to tell you how much I love Halloween, but all of that fun can be ruined if you are not careful with the decisions you make or if you run into someone who is not making good decisions,” says Mandy Mace. “My mace is definitely going to be locked and loaded this weekend!”

The beauty of these products is that when you take them with you on a Halloween adventure, it’s not like you can’t ever use them again! They will always be available for you to use no matter where you go. Moms can carry them as extra protection when with their kids or even alone.  Adults can have them for when they go out to on dates, to parties, clubs or bars. It will just be so much more comforting knowing you have a backup plan in case of any kind of incident that might require you to defend yourself.  Hopefully some of the self-defense products found on IZapmen.com, will help keep you and your loved ones safe this Halloween!

Safe Web Browsing with Pepper Spray Patty!

By Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

We spend so much time online chatting with friends, shopping, reading local news, etc. I think that we’ve become so comfortable browsing the web that we’ve actually forgotten that there is some risk involved. I talked to Suzy Stun Gun, the chic-geek of our team, and she helped me come up with some great advice on how we can protect ourselves when we go online. Here you go:

  • The first thing you need to do is upgrade your web browser to a 128-bit encrypted browser. If you’re unsure of what that means, ask the tech at work or a technology-loving friend.
  • You know those privacy policies that just about all websites have? Read them! It’s important that you understand their privacy policies, especially if you’re providing them with your information. Here at iZapmen.com we take your privacy very seriously.
  • Look for websites that have certified seals by organizations such as BBBOnline, ePublicEye, Trust3 or CPA WebTrust.
  • Just because a website asks for your information doesn’t mean you need to supply it. If you’re interested in a service or product, call them instead!
  • Create a “dummy” email account with one of the free email services such as Gmail or Yahoo. You can use this address if you need to fill out contact forms online, that way it doesn’t affect your real email account.
  • If you’re making a purchase online, make sure that it is a secured site! Any site can feature the padlock icon claiming to be secured, but if you click on it, it should feature an up-to-date certificate that proves that the site is currently secure. Here at iZapmen.com we secure our site with GoDaddy. They secure more websites than any other security company in the world.
  • Get in the habit of clearing the cookies from your browser and computer. I tend to do it at the end of each day before I shut my computer down.
  • You can set your browser to let alert you to cookies or to disable them (this may inhibit some browsing). You can also use cookie management software like WindowWasher by Webroot Software or CookieCrusher by The Limit Software. This will manage what cookies your computer will and won’t accept.
  • You can also choose to use an anonymous browser such as Anonymizer, which hides your identity while you browse and filters cookies.
  • If the option to not be tracked is featured on a website you visit, choose it.
  • If you have DSL or cable, install a firewall using software like Norton’s Personal Firewall or BlackICE Defender by Network ICE. This is something you’ll want to install ASAP! Don’t leave yourself unprotected! Think of a firewall like pepper spray for your computer; your PCs self-defense weapon.
  • Turn off file sharing in Windows so that access to your files isn’t readily accessible.
  • Don’t sign up for newsletters or emails from websites you’re not familiar with.
  • Don’t leave your Instant Messenger program on when you’re not actively using it.
  • Choose the setting that prevents people you don’t know from contacting you through Instant Messenger. IM is an easy way for people to get a hold of you and lie about who they are.
  • Never put your whereabouts in your status in your Instant Messenger or social network community. Keep yourself informed about hacking techniques.
  • Never send pictures of yourself to people you don’t know! You never know where these pictures might surface again and who’s on the other side receiving them. Women are generally targeted; self-defense is a key to safety.

The web is a convenient and amazing place to do all sorts of things, but be sure that you’re smart about how you use it. Don’t give hackers or online thieves the chance to access your stuff; protect yourself! Make sure you are also prepared in case you come face to face with an attacker, have a little pepper spray on hand for those unnecessary emergencies.

Suzy Stun Gun’s Advice on Preventing Sexual Assault

By Suzy Stun Gun

Suzy Stun Gun

Suzy Stun Gun

Sexual assault is something every woman wants to prevent and avoid at all costs. Though we obviously don’t always have control over everything in our lives, there are certainly things we can do to reduce the risks of someday coming in contact with a sexual predator. Let’s not even give them the chance if we can help it!

1. Always be aware of everything around you. If something seems off, get out!

2. Only travel in and park in well-lit areas, no matter how comfortable and familiar with the area you are.

3. Walk with cool confidence no matter how you feel. Most predators look for women that seem vulnerable.

4. When you walk on the sidewalk face traffic so that you can see if a car approaches. This way no one can drive up from behind you and pull you into their car.

5. Don’t walk near doorways, alleys or bushes where someone could push or pull you inside.

6. If you think you are being followed, immediately go some place well-lit where there are lots of other people. Find a police officer or security officer if possible. You can always use your cell phone and call 9-1-1 if you need to.

7. Be wary if anyone stops you for anything, whether directions or change for a phone call. Never let a car or person get too close.

8. If you’re in a serious situation where your safety is being threatened, attract attention to yourself in any way you can—screaming, using a personal alarm, etc. Make sure you run away if at all possible.

9. Always keep your car locked regardless of whether or not you’re in it. Make sure that if you have automatic locks that you only unlock the driver’s door when you’re right next to the car so that nobody can jump in the back seat.

10. Look around your car before you get in. Make sure from a distance that nobody is hiding in, around or under your car.

11. Be cautious about the cars parked near yours and the people in them. You never know where an attacker may be lurking.

12. If you think you’re being followed while driving, drive to the nearest police station. Never trap yourself on a back road or dead end!

13. If your car breaks down do not get out of your car. Use your cell phone and call for help, wait for a police officer or wait for someone to stop. Remember that when someone stops to help you, never get out of your car. You can talk to them through a slightly cracked window. No matter how nice they seem, it’s not worth finding out the hard way what they’re really like!

14. Carry a self-defense weapon such as a stun gun, Mace, pepper spray or a TASER. Make sure you keep it on you at all times so that it can’t be used against you. If someone tries to sexually assault you, you want to be able to fight with everything you have to get away.

All about the TASER X26 Citizen Model with Tammy Taser

By Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

The TASER X26C is an “average woman’s” version of the law enforcement TASER X26 version! This particular TASER is incredibly effective.

The TASER X26, an ECD or Electronic Control Device, has software that can actually be upgraded. TASERs shoot out prongs that conduct an electrical current that have a strong effect on your nervous system. The TASER X26C uses a replaceable cartridge that projects two small prongs that can go as far as 15ft. The electricity shot out by the prongs can pass through up to 2 inches of clothing between the two of them or 1 inch of clothing if only one prong connects. When you hit the trigger it automatically starts a 10 second cycle that emits electricity for the full 10 seconds. You can pull the trigger a second and third time for 2 additional 10 second cycles—up to 30 seconds total if need be! You can stop the cycle by putting the safety lever in place.

Some of my favorite TASER X26C features:

- Laser Sight and LED, with Select Control
- 15 ft. (4.6m) range

- Proven neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) technology
- Lightweight and easy to carry
- Digital Power Magazine is good for over 150 uses
- Central Information Display (CID)

What is Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI)?

The reason the TASER X26C is so effective is because it uses NMI technology, which takes control of the commands sent to your body, preventing your attacker from controlling his/her muscles.

What is shaped pulse technology?

Shaped pulse technology uses a high voltage to pass through thick barriers such as clothing then a lower voltage to cause NMI.

What is a TASER Cartridge?

The TASER cartridge is a replaceable part that actually holds the two wired prongs and AFID tags.

What is Anti-Felon Identification (AFID)?

The AFID system promotes responsible TASER use by assigning a specific serial number to each cartridge so that TASER use can easily be tracked when the small AFID tags are released when the TASER is used.

What is the Central Information Display (CID)?

The CID shows the TASER owner how much power the battery has, how long the electric pulse has gone on for when discharged, the day, time and warranty status.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself then the TASER X26C is a great self-defense option. You know it must be good if it’s modeled after the police issue TASER X26!

Mandi Mace on Warding Off Unfriendly Dogs

by Mandi Mace

Your attacker can come in many forms, but we often forget that animals can also be dangerous. So many pet owners are irresponsible and don’t invest the proper amount of time into training their dogs. Even worse, some cruel owners intentionally make their animals violent so that they can fight them—something I am obviously extremely against!

If you come across an unfriendly dog you want to be able to protect yourself and prevent an attack. One of the best ways to do this is by using an ultrasonic Super DogChaser or Mace canine repellant. It is so humane that some people even use it as a training device!

Here’s how it works:

This handy little device sends out a sound with a frequency somewhere between 20,000-25,000 Hz, which can barely be heard by a human but is extremely audible to both dogs and cats. It’s kind of crazy to think how much better their hearing is! Just by using this simple little device, you can prevent an unfriendly dog from approaching you. All you have to do is press the power button and point it directly at the unfriendly dog. The sound, while not harmful is certainly not comfortable. The dog will most likely try to get away from it, backing or running away from you. This will help you establish some boundaries with the unfriendly dog which he or she will hopefully not cross or challenge again.

In addition to the ultrasonic function, it also has a built-in LED indicator light that will go off when the button has been pressed. This will also show you when you need to replace your battery as it will not shine quite as brightly as usual.

Sometimes we forget that danger can come in many different forms, so it’s important that we go out prepared! You never know who or what you’ll come across and if carrying something simple like this can save you from a horrific incident, why not? Besides, carrying multiple self-defense products is a great excuse to buy a bigger purse!

Pepper Spray Patty’s Jogging Safety

By Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

Being physically fit is so important for so many reasons. I know that when things get busy it can be a serious pain to drag yourself to the gym after a long day, but if you can find the energy I seriously think it’s important! I decided a while ago that I’d turn something that seemed like a chore into a way of unwinding and releasing stress. After a long day or before a particularly packed day, I go for a jog. Jogging is great because it gets you outside and it’s so good for your body. However, I’m also super careful when I jog. Even though I go to school at a really safe college and my apartment is in a very quiet neighborhood, you just never know! Here are some of my tips on how you can enjoy jogging without risking your safety:

  • Try to find a jogging partner that likes to go at a similar pace (you don’t want to hold anyone else up and you don’t want to feel as though you’re moving to slowly). It’s always safer to go somewhere with someone than alone.
  • Go jogging in an area that you are very familiar with, like the neighborhood right around your house or apartment.
  • Never jog in secluded areas that are far from view from the road or nearby houses.
  • Jog in areas that are designated for walking or jogging that are consistently full of other joggers, such as local sports tracks.
  • Consider joining a gym and jogging or running on their indoor track.
  • Never jog by yourself in the dark! I enjoy jogging at the end of the day sometimes, but I would never risk jogging by myself after dark. I know I can probably handle myself when push comes to shove, but it’s not worth the risk.
  • Make sure that when you jog that you wear a reflective vest, especially if you start out before dusk and especially at night. Just because it isn’t dark when you leave doesn’t mean it won’t be by the time you’re done.
  • Carry a compact container of pepper spray, Mace, a stun gun or a TASER. There are so many different options, you’d be surprised how small some self-defense products are and how easily you can carry them somewhere on your body while you jog. I always keep my keys on me so I tend to rely on my keychain pepper spray to deter any threats when I jog.
  • Even if you’re jogging in a familiar, safe place never let your guard down for a second. Remain alert and aware of everything and everyone around you. If something doesn’t look right or you have a funny feeling, turn around and head home—with pepper spray in hand of course!
  • Keep your cell phone on you. Not only do you want it on you in case of a medical emergency, but if you do come across an attacker you don’t want to have to wait until you run all the way home to call the police once you’ve stopped them with your pepper spray.

Suzy Stun Gun on Parking Lot Safety

By Suzy Stun Gun

Suzy Stun Gun

Suzy Stun Gun

How to Avoid Theft and Vandalism to Your Car

  • Park in well-lit areas that you can clearly see if you’re visiting someone’s home and cannot park in their driveway
  • If possible, try to avoid having to park in underground or multi-level parking garages because they are the perfect setting for crimes against you or your car. If you cannot avoid them, and let’s be serious it’s nearly impossible to, make sure you park in a well-lit area near an elevator so that you don’t have to walk far from and to your car.
  • If you park in an open parking lot, make sure you park as close to the building you are visiting as possible. Also, try to park below a light in case you return after dark to your car. If you’re at a store or mall and feel uncomfortable walking out to your car, security is usually readily available to escort you.
  • Make sure before venturing out that you are fully protected by carrying your favorite self-defense products, such as a stun gun, Mace, pepper spray or TASER.
  • Consider carrying a personal alarm. This can be a great first-line of defense in a slightly uncomfortable, but not necessarily overly threatening situation.

The Best Ways to Protect Yourself in a Parking Lot

  • Try to park as close as possible to the parking garage’s entrance/exit or as close as possible to the building you are visiting so that you have as little distance as possible to travel before getting to your car.
  • Don’t park in parking lots or parking garages that aren’t well-lit!
  • If you’re planning on moving and looking at condo or apartment complexes, try to find one that has secured access parking so that only residents or verified visitors are allowed into the complex and parking lot.
  • Park in parking lots and parking garages with surveillance whenever possible.
  • Avoid parking in non-secured parking lots and garages in high-crime areas.
  • If you think you’re being followed call 9-1-1 from your cell phone, make a beeline for a security officer if one is stations close by and keep your stun gun handy!
  • Make sure you that you always carry self-defense products on you. I tend to keep my stun gun in my hand concealed within my purse if I am concerned walking to or from my car in a parking lot or garage, that way I am 100% ready if anyone threatens my safety!
  • You should also consider carrying pepper spray, Mace or a TASER in addition to your stun gun. Just be sure you check with your local police department to see if there are any local restrictions on any of those devices. If for any reason you’re prohibited from purchasing your self-defense product of choice, we’re more than happy to send your products to an alternative address you provide that does not limit what you can and cannot purchase!

Mandi Mace on Protecting Children Against Predators

By Mandi Mace

Whether you have children of your own, younger siblings or babysit a lot, it’s important to take child safety seriously. There are so many sick predators out there that prey on the weak and unfortunately that often means women and children. I nanny a lot and I’ve taken quite a few courses on child safety. Here are some of the most important things I’ve learned about how to keep children safe:

  • No matter what, never leave a child or children alone! Even if you only need to run and grab something quickly, never leave children unattended in your car, house, a playground, etc.
  • Make sure you explain what a stranger is to your children. Explain that just because you see someone often (such as a clerk at your favorite store, the mailman or a neighbor) doesn’t mean you actually know them. These people should still be considered strangers and still should not be trusted by your children.
  • Teach your children what their full names are, their parents names, their address and their phone number (or your cell phone number). Make sure that you don’t teach your children their address and phone number until they are old enough o understand the difference between who they should and should not give this information to. You wouldn’t want a young child telling everyone who asks her/him what their address is. Explain that this information should only be given out to people who can be trusted such as police officers.
  • Teach your child how to dial your cell phone or your husband’s cell phone.
  • It’s really important that you take the time to go over different dangerous scenarios with your children so that if/when they find themselves in that situation they know immediately what to do. You can even make a game of it, saying things like, “What if [fill in situation] happens?” and if he/she gets it correct let them earn a sticker. If he/she gets it incorrect, make sure you go over the correct response and why.
  • Make sure that your children’s school and any organizations they are a part of have strict guidelines as to who may pick up your child or visit your child while under their care. You should also set up some sort of notification system in case your child is late to arrive.
  • Teach your child about their body and what is and is not appropriate when it comes to other people touching or talking about it. Explain that while a doctor may have to examine them, no one else should ever touch them in an inappropriate way! Teach them to say, “No! Don’t touch me!” Teach them to tell someone if someone does touch them.
  • Try as we may to protect our children, it is also important that we watch our kids to make sure we don’t notice odd changes in behavior. If you notice that you children seem to act strange or say strange things (especially around or concerning one particular adult or child) it may be a sign that sexual abuse has occurred or is occurring. As hard as it may be, it is ALWAYS better to question than ignore the signs.
  • It’s probably a good idea to give your child some sort of personal alert device, such as a whistle or alarm. Though they’re too young to carry a self-defense weapon, something like a personal alert device may be a great line of defense against a predator! Even at my age I still carry a whistle on me around campus in addition to my Mace. Start young and teach them how to protect themselves! Only good can come from it.