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Self Defense Products for Women
January 2018
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Safe Web Browsing with Pepper Spray Patty!

By Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty

We spend so much time online chatting with friends, shopping, reading local news, etc. I think that we’ve become so comfortable browsing the web that we’ve actually forgotten that there is some risk involved. I talked to Suzy Stun Gun, the chic-geek of our team, and she helped me come [...]

Safe Shopping is About More than Just Budgeting

By Mandi Mace

I absolutely love to shop. In fact, I barely know any women who don’t! I know that when I go shopping I get pretty preoccupied hunting for the best sales, but I try to remember that even something as wonderful and enjoyable as shopping can be dangerous if I let my guard down [...]

Tammy Taser Dishes on the TASER C2

By Tammy Taser

Taser Safety

I’m definitely a big fan of safety, which is one reason why I like the TASER C2. It’s incredibly effective and allows you to protect yourself without getting too close to your attacker, stopping them from up to 15ft away! If for some reason your attacker is very close to you, thankfully [...]

Suzy Stun Gun’s Self-Defense Tips

Suzy Stun Gun

By Suzy Stun Gun

You just never know where or when you may have to defense yourself against an attacker. Being prepared to defense yourself can only help you in the end. Friends have come to me and the other iZAPmen.com team members and asked us for basic self-defense tips. Here’s what we [...]