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Taser C2
February 2018
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The Ultimate Taser for Women

By Tammy Taser

Tammy Taser

Women are always looking for better ways to help protect themselves. In this day and time, with the rapid rise in crime, she would be unintelligent to do otherwise.

Years ago, the products made for women to carry for protection were often bulky and hard to hide. Women used such things as [...]

They’re Here! The NEW Taser C2 Basic, Gold and Platinum Packages!!


Tammy Taser

By Tammy Taser

Great news, ladies!  The long awaited Taser C2 Packages have finally arrived.  When Taser introduced the C2 I was an immediate fan.  The C2 is simply perfect in so many ways as it is designed specifically with women’s self-defense needs in mind.  It utilizes the very same technology as the models [...]

More Than the Usual Halloween Safety Tips From iZAPmen.com

By The iZapmen Team

Halloween is only a few days  away so it’s time to get all of your shopping done so you can go out and make the most of your weekend. According to iZAPmen.com, Halloween is celebrated by American adults more than any other holiday! That being said, you would imagine it’s not [...]

Pepper Spray Patty’s Guide to Avoiding Violent Crimes

By Pepper Spray Patty

The Best Ways to Avoid Sexual Assault

Pepper Spray Patty

1)      Never use your full name on your mailbox or in your telephone listing.

2)      Try not to stay in empty laundry rooms or parking garages for longer than absolutely necessary and make sure you have your pepper spray on hand when you do.

3)      [...]

Tammy Taser Dishes on the TASER C2

By Tammy Taser

Taser Safety

I’m definitely a big fan of safety, which is one reason why I like the TASER C2. It’s incredibly effective and allows you to protect yourself without getting too close to your attacker, stopping them from up to 15ft away! If for some reason your attacker is very close to you, thankfully [...]