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State Restrictions: Pepper Spray or Mace


States in Which Pepper Spray or Mace is Restricted 

Pepper Spray Patty and Mandi Mace, here! We just wanted to pop in and let you know that some states have restrictions on pepper spray and mace. Though we have to make sure we follow state and city guidelines when it comes to shipping pepper spray and mace to customers who live in areas that prohibit them, we’re more than happy to send pepper spray and mace to alternative addresses supplied by customers that allow the purchase of pepper spray and mace.




New York: 


New York residents can only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers or licensed Pharmacists, only two small containers may be bought at one time and you must be over 18 with no prior criminal convictions. So New Yorkers, beware of carrying loads of pepper spray and mace in your handbags!






Massachusetts residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers and must possess a state-issues license to carry it. So it’s legal, but like most things in Massachusetts, there’s a list of rules!




States Where Pepper Sprays Have Some Restrictions




Pepper spray purchased in Michigan can only have a certain level of concentration (no more than more than 10% oleoresin capsicum) and purchasers must be over 18 years old, which is why we think college is the perfect time to purchase your first can of pepper spray or mace.






Pepper spray purchased in Wisconsin must have an OC concentration less than 10%, can only be in a container that holds from .5oz to 2oz total and cannot be in a camouflaged container. So, you ladies may want to be careful if you purchase a concealed pepper spray or mace product such as the Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Lipstick—one of Pepper Spray Patty’s favorites!




Quick note from Pepper Spray Patty and Mandi Mace: 


Pepper Spray is legal in all 50 states; however, there are a number of different restrictions in many cities and states. Check with your local police department to learn about the restrictions in your area. Pepper spray and mace should only be purchased by ladies 18 years and older. Though we try to keep the information above as updated as possible, it’s best to check with your local law enforcement.